Tambaram- The epicentre for real estate activity

Elevated as one of the top ten preferred locations to buy a home in Chennai, Tambaram has many well established industrial enterprises and effective road connectivity. Positioned on the GST Road (Grand Southern Trunk) Tambaram serves as a midway to the IT and SEZ corridors. The GST road is regarded as one of the busiest National Highways connecting Chennai to Trichy besides linking the Chennai International Airport with Tambaram.

The buzz in Tambaram
Home to one of the busiest railway terminals of the Chennai Suburban Railway Network, Tambaram is perennially buzzing with activity. Sub-divided into West Tambaram and East Tambaram, the Chennai Suburban Railway station serves as a divider between both.

The recent news has been abuzz with reports of direct trains that will connect Tambaram with Arakkonam. Benefiting thousands of working populace and other commuters who require to wait at Beach station for a connecting train on the Arakkonam route this will prove to be a big relief.

As of now this route faces a huge influx of passengers that travel daily to Saidapet, Guindy and Tambaram either to their office or for their education. It is estimated that on an average over 10 lakh people per day switch over from the southern line to the western line. With the introduction of this new line, Southern Railway will set up direct trains that operate between Tambaram and Arakkonam via the Beach railway station.

Road connectivity gets an upgrade
There are reports that the plan for six laning of Tambaram-Tindivanam road is being finalised now by the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI). The body is in the process of finalising the Detailed Project Report (DPR) for the six laning of this road. As such, Tambaram and Tindivanam are significant areas situated on the NH 45 sector and the augmentation of this road means good tidings for Tambaram and the residents in the adjoining areas.
Stretching at a distance of roughly 92 kms between Tambaram and Tindivanam, this road assumes great significance for traffic flowing south of the state capital.

Eco-Friendly booster shot
The Tambaram Municipal Corporation has been instrumental in developing a spruced up and efficient infrastructure model with unique projects. The underground sewage programme as well as TAMBARAM BINS- a solid waste management programme have been highly successful initiatives and have set an example for other municipalities to follow.

The BINS initiative is an eco-friendly programme by the municipality that is clean, green and in line with the cleanliness campaign initiated by the Government of India. These BINS have substituted the regular open top waste bins and are segregated colour-wise. Three such steel closed top BINS, each with a capacity to hold nearly 600 kgs, in white, green and red colour were set up in five locations along the Mudichur Road in Tambaram. Similar to the waste bins seen abroad, the colours denote degradable, non degradable and bio-medical waste and come at a cost of about Rs 4.50 lakh.

The project has been extremely successful in managing the waste and garbage that was typically strewn everywhere; in fact it has invited active participation from the residents who now segregate their own waste responsibly in the bins. The response to the project has been phenomenal and tenders for installation of similar structures in 10 other wards have been called for.

Tambaram Today
Tambaram enjoys all-round development in both the East and Western part of the suburb. There has been much development and one can find many renowned schools, colleges, hospitals and a well-equipped civic and social infrastructure here.

Restaurants, banks and shopping centres dot the area and there is a reassuring presence of police stations, fire stations and the Air Force Station of the Indian Air Force. What’s more, Tambaram enjoys close proximity to commercial industries and serves as a town panchayat for the smaller areas adjoining East and West Tambaram with suburbs such as Mudichur, Mannivakam, Padappai adjoining West Tambaram and Selaiyur, Camp Road Madambakkam neighbouring Tambaram East.

Once considered as the city’s limit, Tambaram today enjoys the status of the CBD is often cited as being the ‘Gateway of the beautiful Metropolitan city of Chennai’.


Choose right investment location to reap the best returns for your money

Remember the good old fable where the grasshopper sang all winter while the ant laboured away. Think of the moral behind that story, albeit you may find it a bit childish. Nonetheless, the lesson holds true for a lot of things in life, especially in reference to investment planning. When planning your investments it is always better to think in fast forward mode.

Assuming you are somewhere in your mid twenties or thirties, you need to assume the time in your life when you’re going to be fifty or sixty. What will your liabilities be then? What responsibilities will you have at that time? What health benefits should you plan for? Recreation and leisure, how much will that cost? Answer these questions and you’ll come to a solid ground on what your financial goal should be and how you need to plan for it.

Why invest in the first place?
The freedom of being financially independent is the one of the strongest reasons for anyone to consider in today’s time and age. If you’re among those who has just started saving money, consider it all the more pertinent to start saving now. The power of compounding is a very important wealth generation tool and it holds in good stead during times of contingencies.

Determine how much and how often you want to save. For some, investing small amounts once in a month can mean a lot and for some a stipulated quarterly or annual saving works best. Do consider the snowball effect- a method of saving in which small amounts gain in size and momentum and ultimately lead to exponential growth.

Let us explore some investment avenues that will throw a light on which investment vehicle to choose.

Stocks and Shares: When you have only a small amount to invest, risky investments can mean the possibility of losing all your money. It is often thought that shares and direct stock market investments are not just risky but also very oscillating by nature.

Mutual funds on the other hand provide a broad spectrum exposure and one can choose to go into high, low or medium risk categories. Track the record of the past few years and compare the gains made. Exercise diligence and discipline and reinvest the dividends and capital gains made and you will be pleasantly surprised by the amount you actually end up with.

ETF- Exchange Traded Funds: An exchange-traded fund is an investment fund that is easily traded on stock exchanges. ETF’s come in different categories and typically hold assets such as gold, stocks, commodities or bonds. This vehicle has become very popular of late because of their low costs, tax efficiency, and stock-like features. The downside of ETF’s is that they are subject to volatility in the stock market. Where a mutual fund is actively managed by a portfolio manager, the ETF’s is pretty much on its own.

Gold: The most popular and all-time favourite investment vehicle of Indians, gold never seems to lose its sheen. However, do remember that gold prices do correct themselves and it is prudent to maintain gold as an investment option for a limited period of time and park your remaining investments in another vehicle altogether.

Real Estate Investments: The good thing about investing in real estate is that the house can be rented or leased out, can be resold or kept as a nest egg for a rainy day. Whichever way you look at it, real estate seems to be the investment king. If you’ve got a house in a great location and fantastic project with good amenities you can be sure that the house will increase in capital value and give you good returns when you sell it.

There are many tax benefits that make real estate investments an attractive option. Especially in the case of working couples, applying for a joint home loan means eligibility for a higher loan amount. The benefits in a joint home loan are many, namely, the division takes place in the same proportion in which the asset is owned by each co-applicant, besides the tax benefits get divided among the co-applicants.

As a wise investor you should gauge the pros and cons and ensure due diligence before taking any financial decision.